Behind Smoothie King’s Partnership with GrubHub

At Smoothie King, guest satisfaction is one of our main priorities. We work hard to provide our guests with a delicious, better-for-you meal alternative, and we hold ourselves to a high standard in providing our smoothies in a timely manner.

To help us do that, we’ve partnered with GrubHub to satisfy more guests and increase their engagement. Here’s why.

GrubHub is Growing

The food delivery industry is projected to become a $3 trillion market by 2030. People love the convenience of having prepared food delivered right to their door.

It’s a market that is booming among the millennial and Gen Z demographics in particular. Over 40 percent of young consumers are receiving their food through third-party delivery apps, and GrubHub is leading the pack.

GrubHub offers its subscribers an easy way to get their favorite food items from restaurants an efficient way to drive more business. A lot of restaurants will supply their own delivery service, but in today’s app-driven world, we know we’re missing an opportunity to connect with potential guests if we use a restrictive, personal delivery service instead of a more inclusive, public service. Moreover, GrubHub supplies its own drivers, allowing franchisees to keep their team on-site and focused on delivering the best possible service to the guests in-store.

Delivery Sparks Demand

When all the finances and logistics of the service are stripped away, food delivery is a way for us to know people want our smoothies. It’s simply another way of measuring our reach and demand. Not only that, it gives us a supply to that demand.

Convenience may be the largest factor in the success of the food delivery industry. For young consumers, many of whom are students, having a nutritious smoothie delivered to their dorm room while studying is exceedingly helpful and a healthy alternative to other easily-accessible junk food to keep them focused.

Without this service, we would have no way to capture this market of Smoothie King guests who are unwilling or unable to travel to one of our locations at any given time. This means a lost sale and guest connection for our franchisees. Our partnership with GrubHub allows us to capture a segment of the market that was previously unattainable.

Partnering with GrubHub also increases our overall visibility. If Smoothie King isn’t an option when users are scrolling through GrubHub looking for a nutritious meal, that’s a missed opportunity for our franchisees. Even if a user decides to order a different meal through the service, GrubHub allows us to promote Smoothie King to its repeat users and increase our chances of placing more orders in the future.

Food delivery is becoming more in-demand and essential for restaurants to offer. By partnering with GrubHub, we couldn’t be more excited to give our franchisees a new tool to expand their market and ask a new segment of the population how they plan to Rule The Day.

Do you want to own a business and increase your reach with a proven and reliable delivery service? Contact us today!


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