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The Smoothie King Recipe Book for Multi-Unit Franchising

Author: Smoothie King on: Dec 31, 2017

Multi-unit franchise ownership has become increasingly common over the past decade. As a franchisor, Smoothie King has blended success in multi-unit ownership and has developed a recipe for success for multi-unit franchisees.

Ingredients For Success

Owning multiple units is much different from running a single store, and you need to be able to anticipate and account for these changes. Multi-unit franchisees typically work less in daily operations and instead focus on managing their multiple locations with high-level oversight. This shift in responsibility is appealing to many but can be overwhelming if you’re not well prepared.

When investing in multiple units, franchisees need to first make sure it’s a smart, sustainable and scalable investment. Like blending the perfect smoothie, there are a few different key ingredients you need to have in order to have a successful result.

Next Steps

Once you evaluate whether your Smoothie King location has the ingredients for success, it’s time to consider the next steps for expansion. In the meantime, there are small steps you can make to better prepare yourself for multi-unit growth, or simply determine if you’re ready for expansion.

Attend multi-unit conferences and read franchise magazines. The network of other owners is one of the most significant competitive advantages of a franchise system, so be sure to utilize them.

Smoothie King offers guidance and support to single-unit franchisees looking to become multiple owners and grow their business portfolio.

In This EBook We Will Discuss:

  • Sufficient Capital
  • Reliable Team Members
  • Model to Help Move Toward Growth
  • Support from Franchisor

Download: The Smoothie King Recipe Book for Multi-Unit Franchising