3 Ways Simple Operations Keep Smoothie King Franchisees Focused on Purpose

Concentrating on a core product can help franchisees to simplify operations, which can help promote brand-wide consistency and improve guest service, while also optimizing unit-level efficiency and helping Smoothie King franchisees keep their business running smoothly.

Here are three ways our single core product simplifies operations and creates an unparalleled business opportunity for franchisees:

1. Streamlined POS System Smooths Out Operations

A simple, user-friendly point of sale (POS) system is central to consistent and efficient operations. POS systems for restaurants with dozens of different menu items can quickly become over-complicated and difficult for team members to operate.

However, with one central product, POS systems can be much more organized, centralized and user-friendly. When an order is placed through our POS system, any member of the team can receive the order and produce the right smoothie every single time. This helps eliminate team member error, maximize guest satisfaction and minimizing costly mistakes that could interrupt store operations.

At Smoothie King, our recipe management engine (RME) is directly tied to our POS system, which can foster a seamless operational process. When a team member places a custom order through the POS, the recipe management system responds by immediately changing the smoothie recipe to accommodate the order. This takes all the guesswork out of the equation for team members, so they’re able to easily customize our core product to every guest.

Our RME is just one of the ways Smoothie King franchisees can provide superior guest experiences every day.

2. Minimal Equipment, Hundreds of Choices

Our single product-driven concept requires minimal equipment. For our concept, you only need a few different appliances – freezers, refrigerators and a few others. But, our delicious, better-for-you smoothies are primarily crafted using one simple device – the blender. We’ve put a great deal of time and research into finding the best blender model for our franchisees. Technological innovations – even for blenders – have come at a rapid pace. Vitamix’s The Quiet One model is our brand’s blender of choice, featuring a specialized BPA-free container and lid made for Smoothie King. After extensive research, our R&D department determined it offers the best combination of key performance attributes, including:

  • Blending ability
  • Speed
  • Sound
  • Technology
  • Ease of operation
  • Durability
  • Cost of ownership
  • Service after the sale

Not only does this blender mix the perfect smoothie quickly and quietly, but The Quiet One is also optimal for simplified operations. Smoothie King franchisees can invest in a limited amount of equipment compared to other restaurant concepts in order to get products in guests’ hands. Meanwhile, team members experience less of a learning curve in operating the equipment.

3. Minimal Waste Makes for a Cleaner Concept

Average full-service and limited-service restaurant profit margins range from just 3 to 5 percent. Food waste is a contributing factor to these slim margins. Whether it’s a mixed-up order or expired ingredients, there are many instances restaurants end up throwing away inventory. In fact, American restaurants generate roughly 11.4 million tons of food waste each year, costing $25 billion annually.

Although food waste can be a problem for many restaurant concepts, single product concepts like smoothie bars don’t produce as much food waste compared to full-service brands.

By integrating a POS system with other aspects of operations, including ordering and inventory management, team members can avoid costly mistakes and reduce food waste.

Streamlined and integrated systems, along with minimal equipment and waste are just a few factors that simplify operations and can make the smoothie sector such a strong investment. This helps franchisees perfect a limited line of products, keep costs down and leverage simple operations for an efficient, cost-maximizing business opportunity. Specialized concepts like Smoothie King have the opportunity to focus on upholding the brand’s mission through a single product that integrates into our guests’ health and fitness journeys.

We take pride in our purpose providing a simple and profitable business opportunity for every franchise partner. If you’re interested in learning more about the Smoothie King franchise opportunity, download our franchise kit here.


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