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A Nutrition Franchise Offers a Perfect Quick Meal Alternative

People tend to reach for fast, functional meals and snacks during the day and with on-the-go dining moving to the American meal forefront, the juice bar business has been flooded with consumers looking for a quick meal alternative. Smoothies fill the gap because consumers don't have time to sit down and focus on the well-balanced meal they seek. Convenient, healthy and functionally nutritious food is essential to the modern consumer in a market filled with fast food chains.

Why a Nutritional Bar?

Consumers spent more than two billion dollars on smoothies in 2011 with most (90 percent) being fresh-blended. According to the 2012 Smoothie Statistics Report, smoothie consumption has grown more than 80 percent over the past five years. Consumers prefer smoothies because they are a healthier alternative to most sweets and fast food meals.

In addition to being a fast food alternative, smoothies also fill a health requirement for many consumers. Diet, exercise and lifestyle changes are the answer to a better quality of life and as more and more people focus on their wellbeing and what they eat, there is and continues to be a market for Smoothie King products. As a Smoothie King franchisee, you'll be part of a rapidly expanding market and something you believe in - a nutritious, healthy lifestyle that includes healthy supplements and products.

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