• Same Store Sales Up 8.63 percent.  Outperfoming the QSR industry by a wide margin
  • AUVs rise to 567,578 dollars.  Average gross sales of top 25 percent of stores.
  • Reduced Cost of Goods and equipment adding more to bottom line profitability
  • SSS
  • AUV
  • COGS

Continual Unit Performance Improvement

For the past several years, we have been laying the foundation for unit revenue growth and our work has already begun to pay off. Our investments in our executive team, personnel, technology, marketing and national reaching sponsorships have been made and will continue to support our growth. In the past two years, we have nearly doubled our team and added experienced professionals to focus on key metrics that drive our momentum. We’ve successfully re-branded Smoothie King and will continue to help franchisees roll out our new brand positioning system wide. Our focus on product development and purchasing has allowed us to lower COGS significantly and improve product quality. Our investments in store technology will ensure consistency in product quality, store operations, and guest experience.

Average Annual Gross Sales for U.S.A.

- Top 10% average US$ 641,342
- Top 25% average US$ 542,640
*2012 Sales Numbers for Corporate and Franchised Stores

Positive Same Store Sales Growth
Last 4 Years U.S.A.

- 2013 +5.01%
- 2012 +10.8%
- 2011 +5.02%
- 2010 +2.72%

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