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10 Reasons Smoothie King's Facebook Page Is Awesome

Want to make your Facebook page look awesome? - Separate yourself from the pack with a cool design and engaging content to drive up those fan numbers. But before New England Website Factory designs you a really clever page, do your homework. Brainstorm an effective social media campaign that will work best for your business, do some research and find some businesses that are doing it well. Really well.

According to Julie Loffredi of Publicity Crew and New England Media Factory, Smoothie King is a great example of how powerful a social media tool can be, when properly maximized. The Smoothie King brand is seamlessly incorporated into all aspects of their social media programs.

10 Reasons Smoothie King's Facebook Page Is Awesome

1. Facebook Username. They got one.

2. Simple and clean professional profile image (see below)

3. About section is easy to read with link to website: The Original, Nutritional Fruit Smoothie, Vitamins, Supplements and healthy snacks.

4. Founded in New Orleans (we just think that's cool.)

5. Free smoothies for one year. I'm in! The page is currently offering sweepstakes as Facebook HTML landing page that encourages fans to provide their contact info (we use the same design program ... it works!)

6. Landing page is professionally done. Crisp and clean.

7. YouTube exercise video tab. Not overly "in your face" advertising, but a clever way to convey the health image Smoothie King wants to convey.

8. Smoothie King responds to all Facebook fans. They have over 200,000 too !!! (this is a good idea if you are committed to being this hands on with maintaining your page. When we post this article on their page later today, watch, I bet the Smoothie King will respond!)

9. Luckily, Smoothie King has a great product. Most comments are rave reviews, like this one today "I've been an avid smoothie king consumer for 15 years now, I'm a follower on Facebook, email, and have their app on my phone, their my go to choice 100% of the time!! Thank you smoothie king!"

But they also respond immediately to negativity or criticism with honesty.

10. They know their brand!

Published by Publicity Crew