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The Franchisee behind Smoothie King’s Vegan Smoothie Line

Setting the Trends

A 2016 Harris Poll found 3.7 million Americans identified as vegans. Another 4.3 million U.S. consumers are vegetarian – but not vegan. Nutrition-focused food brands began rolling out new product lines to accommodate this growing demographic. Smoothie King first introduced vegan smoothies – mango kale and dark chocolate banana – in 2014 after increasing interest […]

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How a Better-for-You Mindset in Younger Generations Can Drive Growth for Smoothie Bar Owners

Setting the Trends

Nutrition-conscious consumers are here to stay. This market shift is being driven by the youngest generations—millennials and Generation Z. Not only are these demographic groups more inclined to choose better-for-you options, but they are also more willing to pay a premium price for nutritious alternatives. This shift is influenced partly by the internet age, in […]

The Importance of Trust and Transparency in the Smoothie Industry

Setting the Trends

Many restaurants have been listing ingredients and calorie counts for years – we have listed the main ingredients for each smoothie on our menu at Smoothie King for several years. However, in May 2018, calorie menu labels are becoming mandatory for restaurants of a certain size and other food serving establishments like ice cream shops, […]

Cleaner Blending at Smoothie King

Cleaner Blending Makes Clean Eating Easy for Smoothie King Guests

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

Smoothie King franchisees and their team members inspire guests to live a healthy and active lifestyle through the brand’s products. By adding cleaner, more nutritious ingredients to their menu, franchisees have the opportunity to meet the evolving demand for better-for-you foods with fewer additives. In the past year, Smoothie King has been developing this goal […]

A Perfect Storm for Smoothies to Reign Supreme 

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

Due to today’s busier lifestyles, consumers are increasingly replacing main meals with more flexible, light and convenient snacking options. According to Technomic, 83 percent of consumers reported snacking daily in 2016 compared to 76 percent in 2014. In addition, while obesity and diabetes rates have increased over the past decades, consumers have responded by becoming […]

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