A Perfect Storm for Smoothies to Reign Supreme 

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

Due to today’s busier lifestyles, consumers are increasingly replacing main meals with more flexible, light and convenient snacking options. According to Technomic, 83 percent of consumers reported snacking daily in 2016 compared to 76 percent in 2014. In addition, while obesity and diabetes rates have increased over the past decades, consumers have responded by becoming […]

How to Choose High-Growth Markets

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Smoothie King uses a tried and true strategy for selecting and growing in new markets – follow the demand and make sure resources can support expansion. John Gordon, Director of Real Estate for Smoothie King, says the brand relies heavily on local intelligence to help determine demand. For example, the company consults with franchisees in […]

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Why this Franchisee Chose Smoothie King over a Gym Business

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After dedicating 16 years of his life to running multiple wellness facilities, Jamie Joyal was ready to separate himself from the saturated gym market in New York City. “I got tired of working the long hours without a significant financial gain, but I wanted to continue assisting the community’s health consciousness,” Joyal explained. As a […]

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Satisfying the Enduring Demand for Meal Replacement Smoothies

Ingredients for SuccessSetting the Trends

The economics of the meal replacement industry are continually trending upwards. While meal replacement powders and shakes have been on the market for decades, recent health trends and popular diets have created an unprecedented increase in demand for these types of products. In just the last five years, the meal replacement industry experienced a near […]

How Smoothie King Creates Franchise Opportunities for Nation’s First Responders

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First responders are essentially the backbone of every community. Dedicated to the well-being and safety of the towns in which they work, they unselfishly give all of themselves each and every day. While we keep the contact information of our local fire and police departments on our refrigerators, we don’t know much about these first […]

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